Training activities on mainly purchasing power and green certificates from renewable sources with conventional sources of energy, in order to provide a competitive mix, which then can be sold to customers.

Energy trading consist of the following main activities:

    • Bidding and national trading;
    • Manage trading markets from OPCOM;
    • Portfolio Optimization;
    • Coordination and networking with manufacturers and suppliers;

Trading activity OPCOM runs the following markets:

  • Day-Ahead Market (PZU)
  • Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts (PCCB):
    • The extended auction (PCCB-LE)
    • With continuous negotiation (PCCB-NC)
  • Centralized Market of Bilateral Contracts negotiated continuous double electricity (PC-OTC)
  • Centralized Market for universal service (PC-Suite)
  • Centralized Market for Bilateral Contracts Green Certificates
  • Centralized Green Certificates Market