Product Services
Electricity -Sales strategy development electricity
-Advice on all major RPB (Balance Responsible Party), negotiating the contractual BRP relationship management(Balance Responsible Party)
-Selling OPCOM energy (the day ahead market, intra-day market) including invoices and drawing the notifications
-Managing the financial guarantees necessary for selling electricity on OPCOM
-Gestionarea garanţiilor financiare necesare vanzării energiei electrice pe OPCOM
-Drafting and billing process
-Representation in the relationship with the distributor of electricity
Authorities -Reporting by ANRE, Transelectrica, OPCOM under the legislation in force
Green Certificates -Managing the process of obtaining green certificates, including the application of Transelectrica
-Develop strategy for the sale of green certificates
-Preparation and submission of bids on the Green Certificates Market
-Tracking the results of bids under OPCOM notifications
-Preparation and follow the billing process
Contracts -Management of customer contracts signed on entrepreneurship
-Process management billing
-Commercial Recovery
Reports -Reports on new legislative and their impact on the business
-Preparing the monthly activity reports
-Analysis of the market for electricity and green certificates market
-Analysis results reported Lisbon objectives