The activity of Enero Furnizare company is subject to the Romanian laws and European directives related to the energy and to always operate within the bound of these. Also, the Company has therefore committed itself to clear a Code of Conduct to the business partners and to the entities which have the legal duties in the energy field and to the audit authorities. Thus, the actions of Enero Furnizare company and its employees are founded on personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and respect for the others. The Company continually strives to improve the degree to which quality and performance demand are met. The Company’s key business goal is to provide customers with the services they desire and thus to achieve business success.

Training activities on mainly purchasing power and green certificates from renewable sources with conventional sources of energy

Our company provides electricity safely, flexibility, transparency and quality at competitive prices.

Other services offered by our company: developing the strategy of selling electricity, RPB relationship management (Balance Responsible Party), etc.